July 21, 2014_RICO5ANOS_133

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  1. Comentário do dia 02/7/2016 às 23:26

    If your arlcetis are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

  2. Comentário do dia 25/10/2016 às 17:41

    I tried looking at your web site with my blackberry and the format does not seem to be right. Might want to check it out on WAP as well as it seems most mobile phone layouts are not really working with your site.

  3. Comentário do dia 25/10/2016 às 21:54

    Hi Berthold,We looked in to this many months ago. In our testing it seemed quite unreliable – there were times when we would get nothing back, or a lat/long that was very inaccurate. However it looks like for you it is providing an accurate location. We might start recording the data, then we can run some tests on it’s accuracy and see if there are patterns.Thanks for your feedback. It’s very useful!

  4. Comentário do dia 06/1/2017 às 14:09

    An identity with meaning subject to endless interpretation, isn’t much of an identity, is it? What do Jews all share? The answer is nothing. We share absolutely nothing. Not language, not music, not political perspective, not temperament, not tradition. Zero. What’s a Jew? There’s no such thing.

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